2013.09.29 [ Merredin~Southern Cross? ]


( Merredin~ Carrabin )

Hi everyone

Today I’m going to Carrabin almost 45km.

But today I had a big 3 problem.




My left wheel is little bit broken.

I don’t know but just cracking.

So always strange noise happened and move not easy.

Please keep next town…


I had bad cold.

Today is so hot weather but I had chills.

Not better to walk.


Stolen my wallet.

Somehow I approached at Carrabin roadhouse and paid charge about to stay.

After paid, I droped my wallet on the ground.

But I can’t found because I felt so bad.

Leave there almost 3 minutes.

At last I found my mistake and go back there but wallet is gone.

Only one young guys came and he left by driving.

So I lost my money and my bank card.


These are so much heavy problem for me.


I’ll try to get out of a pinch.


Please watch what I’m going to do.