2013.10.01 [ Merredin~Southern Cross? ]


Two days ago I had a 3 big problem.

So I took a rest yesterday and try to recover.

This Carrabin roadhouse owner Joan and her family is so kind and helpful for me.



They gives me some meals, drinks, medicines, and hospitality.

I feel so relieved and carm.

I’m so thankful about them.



And I noticed.

1. My wallet is not come back but I can continue my trip

2. Many many Australian people helps me so I can advance

3. Certainly, problems always happen but we can work out a solution


Today I can ask the bank make new EFTPOS card and prepare some foods, drinks, and equipment.

Also my body is recovered.

Thus I’m going to my road again.

With so much thanks.



【Special thanx】
〜Carrabin?Ken( Builder )
〜Carrabin Roadhouse?Joan, Bill, Rob & Leslie


When you see me on the road, please call out to me:-)

I hope to see you in near the future.

If you want support for Tohoku, please check my donation page.

Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!