19.07-23.07.2014 [ Genoa〜Conjola? ]


( Genoa~Kiah~South Pambula~Bega~Cobargo~Narooma~Moruya )



I was Heading to Bega, 37km far from here.

I left Ray’s house at 7:30, little bit rained.

This one week, I passed through so many hills but here to Sydney has much more hills.



I didn’t know about it that shocked my heart, because my feet pained so much…

But I’ll keep going, keep walking.

Sydney is nearly there!!


I miss Ray, he is so much kind and he gave me so many support.

He is a black belt of Karate.


Thanks a lot, Ray!!


I met many people and there are very kind for me after into NSW.

I don’t know why but people helped me so much!!

They offered me accommodation at there house, gave me many foods drinks, and kindly donation.

Thank you very much for all of supporters.



Ray also came to see me today.

I was so happy to meet him again.

His bike is so cool, like a weapon!!

I was so excited to ride this bike before him, sometimes I was screamed.



I have arrived at Bega before 5PM, and I was staying at Community House.

Tina and Carsten arranged for me at that place!!


And they invited me for dinner, it was beautiful meal and time.

Thank you so much, Tina and Carsten’s family!!

I was taking a good rest in there.





Headiung to Cobargo, 42km far from here.

I left Bega at 7AM, this day also had big hills.

I got strong pain killer and use this for 4hours each.

I know medicine is not good for our health, few time use is better, but I have no choice.

Strong pain every time his my body and heart, it was so hard, hahaha!!


I met one family on the road, they were having picnic next to HWY.

They invited me for there afternoon tea and it was nice.

I was really enjoyed at that moment, because this point is before big hills.

What’s nice rest.

Thank you everyone!!



And her son Liam lives in Sydney 9km before Opera House.

I also met him on the road and he offered me to stay his house at 5th of August!!

What’s a huge help for me!!

Thanks Liam and family’s.


I have arrived at Cobargo before 5PM, and Niki welcomed me so much.

She provided me to stay at her house and beautiful dinner!!

I’m starving every time on the road, so very happy to eat rice and beautiful dishes.

Japanese really loves carbon hydrate, haha.





Heading to Helen’s house at Narroma, she and Phil is a friend of NIki.

37km far from here.

Thank you very much Niki, she is lovely!!

See you on few years later.



It was beautiful scenery in NSW, but I have not enough power to took some picture, just only few.

After into NSW, weather is good, good scenery, and people so kind.

Of course so many hills in here, but there kindness pushed my back.

Thanks every one!!



I have arrived at Helen’s house before 5PM, and I saw what s wonderful sunset!!

My home town has one big lake, named “Shinji-ko”, I can’t help remembering that.

It was a beautiful. isn’t it!!?



They made me for nice curry, it was delicious.

I was so happy, because I love curry.

Thank you so much Helen, Elice and Phil.






Heading to Moruya, 42km far from here.

Today One guy looked after my accommodation for two night.

His name Clay, and he listened my redio interview from ABC at Bega.

That’s why he offered me to stay at his house.


I also met many kind people this day, and one guy said me “good weather made people’s mind good”, I agreed his idea.

In NSW, daytime weather is enough warm and easy to walk.

I hate cold weather, so this is big help for me.

And people very kind.

I’m really happy about I decided before to into NSW of my final leg.

Baautiful South Pacific Ocean, many lakes, and mountains made my feel better.

( But I still use pain-killer…!! OMG. )


I have arrived at Moruya before 5PM, and Clay took me for his beautiful house.

His house located into the bush, quiet and beautiful very much!!

I love here!!

His wife Alison also very kind, they provided me beautiful dinner.

I slept very much.





This day was a rest day.

I can take just only 4days rest from here to Sydney, so I was really enjoyed this day and update my blog.



My route is below.

This is just only schedule.


【 Moruya 】

???25.7km / ?27.7km / ?27.6km

【24(Thu)…Batemans Bay】

?? 42km

【25(Fri)…Lake Tabourie】


Sinclairs’ Country Retreat motel?


Camp out?

?? 22km



Beth’s friend house?


Back packers?


【8/2(Sat)…Stanwell Park】


Beth’s friend house?


Liam’s house


【8/6(Wed)…Opera House】





I raised $5000 donation from Perth to Moruya, but my target is $100,000.

I’ll try to get more publicity and more donation.

Please follow and help my charity.


【 Special Thanks 】

James Harvey
Coia Kemeling
Kym Marson and family
Jamie Scoullar
Lesley Bull
Brock, Justin, Aimee, Shannon & kaylah
Mary Barker
Tina yang, Robin, Aurin and Carsten
Judy Hodkinson
Sierra, Nick, Aberi
Beth Bragg
Niki Hutteman
Tim, Thea
Ty and Clare Fallins
Liam McManus
Helen, Elice and Phil
Nick Gard
Sue cox and Stuart buck
Nim Loader
Brigitte Causbrool
Debbie Cameron
Graham Darr
Bill Douglas
Dennis Pont
Fox, Jackie Russell
Yukiko Sekiguchi
Victoria Parker
Mylene, Fitzroy
Elise Holmes
Alison and Clay


And I exceeded 4,000km!!

It was so long way but I made it, around 300km remains rom here to Sydney.

I’ll keep going and walking!!



Thank you very much for everyone’s kindness support and help.


Looking forward to seeing you on the way.

Keep following BEYOND WALK!!




Acceptance of monetary donations for the Tohoku Earthquake

The donation is to contribute to child education and support in Tohoku region.

1 After I finish my challenge, I will return to Tohoku and give support to them as much as possible, and I will do my best to inform you the details about it.


2 Where the money goes

Your kind donation will be used to rebuild the schools and education support for the children
from the disaster region.


3 The Bank information for Donations

*Bank Name : Commonwealth Bank
*Branch Name : Mount Ommaney Queensland Australia
*Beneficiary’s Name : SHOTA IWATA
*Beneficiary’s Saving Account Number : 10591452
*Beneficiary’s Saving BSB Number : 064173


4 Inquiry

info@beyondwalk.com / Yuuichi Iwata


5 After you have completed your transfer of funds kindly put your name / contact details on the HP(Home Page)

A. The name of the individual who had an transfer the founds
B. Your permission to publish your name / detail on my HP
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