2013.10.14 [ Southern Cross-Coolgardie? ]


( Southern Cross~Yellowdine~Coolgardie )

I’m start again to Coolgardie.

But this morning one problem happened.



New wheels bursted.



I was walking, suddenly big sounds happened.

When I looked wheels, that one is broken.

I’m so sad because that wheels is almost new one.

Definitely some stones or something made wheels broken.

But I had a spare, so I can continued to walk again.


Before the problem there is no happened.

So I can approached at Coolgardie today.

【Special thanx】


Everyday something happened but this is the adventure.

I don’t forget thanksfull everything.


When you see me on the road, please call out to me:-)

I hope to see you in near the future.

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Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!