2013.11.5 [ Cocklebiddy ]


Hi everyone!!

I’m leaving the Caiguna and go for the Cocklebiddy today.

But I forget about the time difference after Caiguna.

So I feel I lost 45min.



That’s big problem because I’m taking 66km today!



Moreover, this day is a extreme hot day.

One family said me today is over 42 degrees.

That’s why, I think too much hard.

Breezing, walking, to do everything is so hard.

And I think I lost of my electrolyte because every time I had a many sweat.

Today is most hard day after start my walk.



When I approaching 60km, before 6km Cocklebiddy, suddenly the wind turned to the north and attack for me.

That’s wind is so strong and such a press me back on the way.

Like a small storm.

At least only 6km, but its hard way.

I’m in a hurry walk because sunset has come.



At last, I’m approaching at Cocklebiddy before sunset.

This Wedgetail INN owner Marie & Warren and Pick & Shayne, Mags are so kind.

They gives me many hospitality, so I feel relieved.

If I can’t meet them…..woooo I don’t want to think about this idea.

So I’m very impressed and thanks full as much.




〜Cocklebiddy?Keith & Mirlymguy, [ Wedgetail INN Cocklebiddy ] Marie & Warren, Pick & Shayne, Mags, Jason & Banks


I’m taking a good rest today and tomorrow I’m going to 60 km from here.

The nature has a great power.

Today I strongly feel like that.


When you see me on the road, please call out to me

I hope to see you in near the future.

If you want support for Tohoku, please check my donation page.

Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!