2013.12/12〜14 [ Port Augusta〜Adelaide? ]


( Port Augusta〜Mambray Creek〜Warnertown〜Redhill〜Snowtown〜Port Wakefield〜Mallala〜Gawler〜Adelaide )

Hi everyone!!


Start at 5AM early morning.


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2013.12/9〜11 [ Port Augusta〜Adelaide? ]


( Port Augusta〜Mambray Creek〜Warnertown〜Redhill〜Snowtown〜Lochiel〜Port Wakefield )

Hi every one!!


This day is little bit late to start, because only 17km from here to next town Lochiel.


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2013.12/7〜8 [ GUITAR WOLF at Adelaide ( Enigma Bar 3 ) ]


I loved one japanese band, that name “GUITAR WOLF“.

GUITAR WOLF is on of the greatest rock’n’roll band in japan and all over the world.

Have you ever listen GUITAR WOLF!!?


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