2013.09.22 Perth~Northman? [Holiday]


Hi, how are you!?

I’m taking a holiday at Northman caravan park today.

There is a good place.



Her name is “Ginger”.


This is my first time to visit in WA of winter season.

I think WA winter is too difficult to notice coming rain and strong wind.

That’s makes me soooooooo cold.

Everyday I felt so much damage!!

Moreover AUS summer season will come.

I’m so afraid about temperature but so exciting too 🙂

Because many thing waiting for me.



【Special thanx】
〜Northam caravan park?Mirk


When you see me on the road, please call out to me:-)

I hope to see you in near the future.

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Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!