2013.11.11-12 [ Eucla, Border Village ]


Hi everyone!!


This morning is great weather, no rain no wind, so I can going.



But still my foot damaged.

That’s why my way is not easy way.



Also today, many people some kind of help for me.

One couple Haruna & Eric gives me a cup of tea, cycling team and some guys gives me a donation, so I had bad pain but I feel going better.



Anyway I can taking 58km this day.

I choose camp out before 10km from Eucla.




Starting early morning, because I’m afraid about a hill, that’s name “Eucla Pass”.

Woo…Not easy to going up!! This hill is too much hard!!


When approaching at half hill, I saw one car stoping on the top, 2 people get off the car and go down the hill.

These 2 woman from Italy, they gives me a coffee and One lady Gabi carrying my cart to the top!!

She understand what happened for my foot, so she gives me a help.

So much thanks full for me.

Moreover they gives me a bread, medicine, and fixed my foot.


Thank you so much Gabi and Augu!!


At last I’m approaching at Eucla Roadhouse.


When I stop the information, 2 police officer coming.

They understand what my foot problem so take me a clinic in Eucla.

There doctor is also kind, gives me a sports-tape, painkiller pills and donation.

So I can walk more easily to heading the Border Village.

Thank you so much!!




At the Eucla roadhouse owner Rasa gives me a some food and drink, many people stop there gives me some kind of foods and donation.

Anytime I’m so much thanks full about them help and kindnedd.

I have full of thanks.


Finally I can approaching at Border Village roadhouse.






Young staff is kind, they treat me a dinner and drink.

I’m very happy.

Thanks Chanelle and Anthony!!



〜Eucla & Border Village?Christine & Cate Johnson, Haruna Yabe & Eric, Garth, Black dock cycling Team, Gabi Mascheroni & Augusta Cottarelli, Tracey Keown & Ben Jeffes ( Eucla Police ), Wendy & Ardan ( Eucla Hospis ), Rasa ( Eucla Roadhouse ), Alex Polsky, Chanelle & Anthony


But I’m little bit afraid about a disaster of Philippine.

They want to many kind of help, but I can’t do that.

So I’ll pray for Philippine.

I hope to going better about recovery everything.


When you see me on the road, please call out to me

I hope to see you in near the future.

If you want support for Tohoku, please check my donation page.

Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!