2013.10.17~18 「 Coolgardie〜Norseman? 」


( Coolgardie〜Widgiemooltha〜Norseman )


Start to walk early morning.

But so many flys coming.



When the temperature became hot, there looks fine…

Today I feel good because yesterday rest is better.

So I can walk 55km per day and not feel tired.



Today is extremely hot.

That’s makes me feel hard today.




But today I had many good things happen.

First, I met kind Japanese couple.

Before we met, they are across the Nullarbor.

So I took many advice, food and beer.

I’m so thankful about their help.



Seconds, I can approached at Norseman.

I had many bad problem but I can approached here.

Finaly, I’ll going to the Nullarbor plane next week.



Last, today’s motel [ Norseman Railway Motel ] owners Therese & Mike are so kind.

They makes me feel happy, calm and relieved.

【Special thanx】
〜Norseman?Audie & Klaire, Alan & Pam, Reo & Naoko Tomizawa
〜Railway Motel?[ Norseman Railway Motel Owner ] Therese & Mike,
Brian Dziengiel


So many people helped me.

I always fell thankful.

Certainly, I’ll pass about there help for Tohoku region.


When you see me on the road, please call out to me:-)

I hope to see you in near the future.

If you want support for Tohoku, please check my donation page.

Thanx for reading.

Have a good day!!